Nahl Water Pure & Clean

It is our superb drinking water that filled out from our deepest well.

To reach the highest quality that satisfies our customers, we intentionally developed:

  • The appropriate sizes and shapes of the bottles of Nahl Water.
  • The field of quality management systems is harmonized for all codes of ISO: 9001, food safety management systems, ISO: 22000 quality. Mandated by FDA programs and the Egyptian standard specifications for drinking water, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
  • Also through the application of the HACCP system that known risks and Analysis Critical Control Point system (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) The company relies on the application of the system on the Codex Alimentarius Commission guidelines (Codex Alimentations Commission) and on the application of the HACCP system by reference (Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles).
  • The latest, highest performance and most powerful computer systems to achieve promptness precision in execution and control.
  • Continuous improvement of performance to set up the goals in the expansion and proliferation to be closer to our clients.

Home Delivery service:

Nahl Water Company goal is to provide the best and free delivery service to our customers. We offer home delivery of refilled 18.9L by our large number of trucks in most of Egypt governorates.

Your time is important to us. We have developed our shipment schedule software that will schedule your routes concurrency every period (e.g. weekly, or every specified days.) that you like. You can also call our customer service department on our free hotline number 19461 to place the order once you register with us.