Nahl Water Company is successfull. is trustworth. is experienced.

Senior management and staff undertake company manufactures and provide their products and services and that high-quality global and Egyptian specifications that depend on its commitment to the following requirements:

  • Commitment to establish a policy of quality, HACCP, food safety and the establishment and implementation of its objectives in various departments and sections and are audited periodically by reviewing the senior management to ensure the following achievements.
  • Satisfy customers so as to achieve their requirements and expectations.

To achieve this congruence’s, Nahl approaches scientific practices through the commitment and persistence of the application and development of quality management system requirements and reservoirs risk analysis and identification of critical control points in all production stages as a program primarily for the manufacture of a safe food product in accordance with the requirements of:

In terms of coordinating the work and raise the performance and efficiency of the provision of modern human and technical resources and training required to achieve the continuous development and improvement of the quality of the product and the service rendered.