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Nahl Water key features

There are so many reasons to choose Nahl pure natural water, here are a few them:

Water bottling experts.

Filled from our pure well with the highest quality and 100% naturals:

Nahl pure drinking water

Choose a bottle size that suits you from a range of different sizes of high quality materials.

It's Nahl water, which won the confidence of our major clients for hotels, companies, banks, cafeterias and diplomatic missions and embassies and government ministries ...

Choose a package that suits you anywhere to receive our luxury at a time determined by your call with our customer services department.

We are honored to receive your calls and inquiries. Call us now on 19461 free hotline for further inquiries about our products and our offerings now available. Customer service department will give you the necessary support that meets your needs anywhere..

Established in 1999

Who We Are

Egyptian International Arab Investment Company was established in 1998 and since then the company has production and distribution of natural drinking water under the Nahl for drinking water Company’s name.

Nahl Company fills out natural drinking water from the Wadi Natrun well; specifically from the village of Bani Salama at depths up to more than 100 meter deep below the Earth's interior.